Give Yourself Permission to
Be Yourself

The first step in improving yourself is knowing who you are–your strengths and weaknesses–and astrology is one of the tools that I have found that can significantly speed up that process. By enhancing your level of self-awareness, through receiving an astrology reading, you can make wiser choices, improve your state of being, and enjoy the most that this life has to offer.


3 Different Ways to Serve You

Deep dives on human potential, lifestyle design, & one-person businesses.

1. Clarity

Clarity is a month-long container where I’ll be guiding you into further understanding yourself through the lens of evolutionary astrology.

I love giving people readings, but the human mind can only absorb so much information in 90 minutes. New questions always arise after the reading, therefore, I created Clarity so we can continue to integrate your astrology and equip you with the proper tools to unlock your true potential.
*You have the option to have 1 call or 2, on top of the 30-day audio-messaging support.

2. Birth Chart Reading

Your natal (a.k.a. birth) chart is a snapshot of the planets in their respective signs and houses based on your birth information .

Astrology is a language based on three symbols: the planets, the signs, and the houses. The planets (which include the Sun and Moon) symbolize which part of your psyche we’re talking about, the signs flavor the planets, and the houses represent which area in your life are the planets impacting the most. The chart on the left is an example of this three-symbol combination in action. In receiving a natal chart reading, I’ll interpret your symbols in order for your level of self-awareness to significantly increase.


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